Reasons That Couples Go for Divorce in Canada

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As per any divorce lawyer, they know and have heard all the possible reasons that why divorce takes place. But every single case is a unique case, though few common reasons arise. And most surprisingly money is the number one reason for divorce and is followed by infidelity.

  • A survey was carried out by the Bank of Montreal, and 68% of the surveyed told that money would be the top reason if they divorce. But again, you shouldn’t get surprised as when you see divorce proceedings in a court; you will know that a major point of conflict is the money. When the budgets blow away in a household, constant arguments start taking place and escalates to divorce. And if the time is of recession, then it takes half the time to reach the court steps.
  • The second to divorce is infidelity. Infidelity comes in a package of many other reasons, such as, resentment, anger, growing apart, varied interests, sexual appetite of unequal type, etc. These cases get very aggressive. The person who is betrayed always has feelings of anger, resentment, and.
  • Falling out of love is the third most cause for divorce. But falling out of love always doesn’t mean that people are not anymore attracted to their spouse, it is deeper than that. Actually, people are busy these days, people are multi-tasking, working two or three shifts, raising the family and so the relationship with their spouse falls in the list of priority.
  • Lacking compatibility is the fourth most cause of divorce in Canada. It is true that opposite attracts, but in a relationship, they also repel. When the magic of romance slowly fades away, when people face the hard reality standing straight up-front, they find themselves in different pages. This will, of course, lead to an unhappy marriage. Couples will avoid each other, won’t meet eye-to-eye with each other, and the goals and objectives will remain where they were standing. Gradually, the incompatibility takes a major shape, and they cannot stand each other. The marriage ends faster than it even started.
  • The fifth top is domestic You might think, thanks, God, it isn’t at the top of the list, but the fact is it is not uncommon. Around 40,000 arrests are made every year for domestic violence in Canada. The major culprit of domestic violence is alcohol. Around 25 to 50 percent of domestic violence happens only because when alcohol is consumed.

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