Guidelines on No Win No Fee Agreements

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Legal Service

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If a lawyer is confident in their ability to win your case, they may offer you a no win no fee agreement, whereby if they are unsuccessful with your claim, you won’t have to pay any lawyer fees. This is a great way of hiring a good private attorney and not having to worry about legal costs if you lose your claim.

No Win No Fee Explained

Many people believe that gaining access to a high-quality lawyer is impossible because of the rates they charge for their services, but most of the time this simply isn’t true. Many top law firms in Australia work off a no win no fee basis, meaning if a lawyer decides to take your case, you won’t have to pay for their services unless they win the case.

No win no fee arrangements are always known as conditional cost agreements, your contract will state that if your legal representative is unsuccessful with your claim, you won’t have to pay any legal costs. In most circumstances, a successful claim is viewed as a situation where you obtain compensation for your injuries.

What do you pay for the legal costs?

You’ll be obliged to pay your legal fees when your claim is successful, that means you’ll have to pay a percentage of your compensation to your lawyer, depending on how much they charge. You can use the money you have won from the defendant to pay for your attorney, this is usually paid by their insurance company once the case has been closed. Here is some additional information on legal costs.

  • If a lawyer fails to win the case, they can’t charge you anything for their services, this should be stipulated in the contract.
  • Under Australian law, a firm cannot take a percentage of your compensation. They can only charge you for their services, which is generally a fixed rate or per hour, depending on the company you hire.
  • If you are in line to receive a large sum of money, you may be charged higher fees, again this depends on the law firm representing you. No win no fee lawyers mostly take on cases they are sure to win, if you’ve a strong claim against another party, there is a good chance you’ll find numerous firms willing to work with you.


By offering no win no fee services, Australians have access to skilled lawyers who are dedicated to ensuring a successful outcome. The problem with hiring a lawyer who doesn’t offer no win no fee is cost, only the affluent people in society can hire lawyers and pursue their claims because they’ve the money to do so, but this changes with no win no fee arrangements.

Having access to no win no fee lawyers is vital for pursuing a claim, many people don’t have the funds to hire a professional attorney on a regular basis. If the case is a long drawn out process, it could cripple them financially without a no win no fee agreement. You eliminate legal costs by hiring a lawyer who offers no win no fee terms.

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