Apply for Refugee Protection and Permanent Residence Status

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Canada has become the most eminent place to live around the world. Canada has been not only increasing intake people from outside the country from the last few decades, but also offers refugee protection to some folks in Canada, who fear persecution or would be at risk if they have to leave the country. Some risks involve torture, a risk of life and a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. If, you are facing one of these risks and cannot go back to your home country, you may be capable to ask for protection in Canada as a refugee. Brampton Immigration Lawyer is one of the best immigration service providers in Canada. You can get their assistance if you want to claim for refugee protection.

Apply for Refugee Protection:

There are two ways to apply for refugee status in Canada: You can either apply through an online portal or apply at an IRCC office. You have to provide all information to the IRCC office about your background, family detail and why you desire to make a claim for refugee protection. If you are entitled to make a refugee claim, you will have to visit for hearing at the IRB.

If you have received a written decision statement from the IRB that your application for refugee protection has been approved, then you have the position of a protected person in Canada and you can apply for permanent residence status.

Apply for Permanent Residence Status as a Refugee

A permanent resident is an individual who may stay in Canada permanently, but is not considered as a Canadian citizen. A refugee has to complete a number of forms and must complete a Generic Application Form for Canada. Some of the following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • Photocopy of personal identity, such as a passport, a birth certificate or other travel document
  • Photocopy of your IRB or PRRA decision
  • 2 original passport-sized photos for each person in your family
  • Receipt showing the payment of application
  • Translation of any document that is not in English or French, an affidavit from the individual who translated the document and photocopy of original

The application form must be signed and dated before submitting. The application fee of an applicant is around $550 and $550 each for additional family members. This processing fee is non-refundable. There are some other additional charges which you have to spend while processing. If necessary, you are allowed to obtain a loan from IRCC to cover the right of permanent residence fee. Then, transfer your file to a Canadian visa office for processing.

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